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Home News Will Halo 4 Feature Killstreaks?

Will Halo 4 Feature Killstreaks?

Published on May 29, 2012 by

A couple of days ago a video was posted on YouTube featuring supposed footage leaked of Halo 4′s multiplayer in action. Complete with shaky-camera work it shows a VHS recording running on a CRT television all of which is being filmed in a (you won’t believe this) barn. We’ve posted the video below for those who have yet to see it.

Now it seems that committed Halo fans have analysed and spotted something rather interesting in the video. Skip to around 6:55 on the video and you’ll see something appear slightly above the middle of the screen after the player fires a rocket at someone. Upon closer inspection it almost looks like a D-pad icon giving the player three options to pick from perhaps similar to the Killstreak elements implemented in the Call of Duty series. What they are though is far too hard to tell from this poor quality recording.

Will we see Killstreaks?

So is 343  planning on borrowing Call of Duty’s Killstreaks for its multiplayer in Halo 4? Could be especially after hearing the developer promise sweeping changes to the traditional Halo experience. We already know of a new currency system, Forerunner Vision, a Spec Ops-like mode, the return of Armor Abilities, and a multiplayer that explains why red and fighting blue.

With Microsoft’s conference less than a week away we can barely contain our excitement. Guess we’ll find out then if this video is the real deal and if speculations are indeed correct.

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  1. Tom

    I think you’ll find that that is probably the ordinance drop command that they are introducing…

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