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What Should We Expect At Nintendo’s Wii U Event?

Published on September 7, 2012 by

Come on Reggie! Don’t let us down again!


The moment has almost arrived. It’s been a long arduous wait but next Thursday marks the day we’ll finally get some concrete information on the Wii U and it’s launch. Price, release date, the future; it should all be discussed at next week’s event and I for one couldn’t be more excited. After getting the chance to try out the new console back at E3 I’ve seen the potential this console has and am eager to learn more. Nintendo have promised to shed light on “how the Wii U will change the future of gaming and entertainment.” but what does this mean? What can we expect from this show? I’ve compiled a list of items that need to be discussed and a few that may even make an appearance too. Kicking off with the obvious…


Announcing a US Launch Date & Price (100% Likely)

We’re now in September and this is pretty much the last chance Nintendo have at giving us a concrete launch date with price point. I mean any later and their announcement will be “Oh by the way guys, the Wii U is out tomorrow.” Rumours have already strongly hinted at a November launch date in America, and if past launches are anything to go by, chances are this will be the month we’re looking at. Nintendo didn’t give us a release date at E3. They didn’t give us one during the summer. Nintendo knows time is slipping and it needs to get this info out yesterday.


Announcing Launch Titles for the US (95% Likely)

We have a general idea of what games we might expect to see on the day of the console’s launch. We know Darksiders 2, Batman, Mass Effect 3 and a number of Ubisoft titles will be in stores, however we’ve yet to have an official announcement from Nintendo themselves on all this. We still don’t know what of their first party titles will make launch and what won’t. Any title that has been thought as a launch day release, has either been down to the odd comment in an interview or a vague “launch window” announcement. I don’t know about you but I’m not making any pre-orders right now as there’s still a chance that game may not make the launch. There are many plenty of blanks to be filled and until Nintendo reveal what we can expect, we’re still left assuming rather than knowing.


CAPCOM’s Secret Title/s (50% Likely)

CAPCOM have been mysteriously absent when it comes to the Wii U, however that is all set to change after teasing the news that several new titles were in development for the console and an announcement was due very soon. Now call me optimistic, but surely an event devoted to showing off the newest console from Nintendo is as good a time as any to reveal some new groundbreaking games from third parties, especially CAPCOM? Imagine the announcement of a Resident Evil 6 port weeks before the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions go on sale. Maybe gamers reconsider getting one of these versions and wait for the Wii U one? Nintendo has its exclusives but it also needs the same games Xbox and PS3 offer in order to prove it can offer the same experiences. Resident Evil 6 would be a good start.


Getting a big release from CAPCOM like Resident Evil 6 would be a big deal for the console


How about, dare I say a new Monster Hunter? CAPCOM have been unbearably cruel when it comes to toying with Western fans of the series time and time again. We were promised an announcement many times and while we’ve seen an iOS game announced, surely this can’t be the big reveal hinted at by the publisher? Capcom have admitted they’re interested in Frontier G coming to other consoles so how about the Wii U.

Then again maybe it’s an entirely new exclusive title? Who knows?


More About Miiverse (100% Likely)

Judging from the information we got on Miiverse at E3 I have to say it does sound rather interesting. Being able to talk with other gamers playing the same title, getting help, offering help, boasting proud your latest speed run in New Super Mario Bros U  sounds exciting.

However like everything else we need more information. What will the eShop be like? How will online games run? Will we be able to live stream our gameplay to other Wii U owners? All questions that need answering.

Nintendo have stated before they’re not trying to compete with Xbox Live and PlayStation Network so why not highlight the differences and types of experiences their online system offers.


Downloadable Titles (70% Likely)

We know Nintendo are really trying to push the eShop for both the 3DS and Wii U so it seems likely they’ll want to showcase some of the offerings available come launch day. After the whole 3DS fiasco with the eShop not being ready at launch, Nintendo need to make sure it’s all systems go come launch.

Just what will they offer though? There are a number of titles already confirmed including Trine 2: Director’s Cut, Mighty Switch Force, Chasing Aurora and Little Inferno however again, much like the full retail products we need more concrete info as to what we can expect to be downloading as soon as we get our Wii Us.


Nintendo fans would jump for you at the chance to download Wind Waker on their Wii U


While the Wii gave us the opportunity to download retro classics on the NES, Snes, Mega Drive and Nintendo 64, one has to wonder if the Wii U will bring with it the chance to relive old Gamecube titles. It makes sense when you think about it. It’s been confirmed in the past by Nintendo before they then reverted back to its standard “nothing has been confirmed” comment. With the ability to transfer over our already downloaded titles, you’d think Nintendo would want to expand on this market and Gamecube titles are the way to go. The “New Ways To Play” series wasn’t as popular as the publisher had hoped, however a digital release may be a perfect way to sell.


Retro Studios’ Project (10% Likely)

Reggie told us at E3 that Retro was set to reveal its latest project before being yanked at the last minute. This left many gamers hungry to hear more. Rather than wait till E3 next year, perhaps Nintendo could be planning an unveil at the New York event next week? Even if it’s just a teaser trailer, let’s just hear something on this highly anticipated project. There’s been rumours flying about of a Starfox/Metroid crossover, a new Donkey Kong Country, a new Metroid Prime. We want to know what it is!


Looking to the Future (60% Likely)

Okay I get it that E3 was purely looking at what Nintendo had planned during the launch window for the Wii U. That sort of makes sense as we as consumers want to know what will be available if we buy the console day one. We’ve moved on from that now though, and want to know what we have to look forward to a little further down the road. Nintendo have promised us we won’t have another situation like the 3DS where gamers were left after launch waiting till the summer for another great game to come along. So prove it. Show us why we should be excited in 2013 for the Wii U. Amaze us.


Information For The Rest Of The World (20% Likely)

Just after the Japan only Nintendo Direct, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata announced via Twitter that the Japanese announcement of the Wii U will not be done via a Nintendo Conference in September. Does this mean neither Japan nor Europe will get any information at the press event? Possibly.


NSMB U is good but a showing of the next 3D Mario is even better


Don’t start panicking though as you have to remember, the Wii’s launch details for Europe and Japan were announced separately from America’s press event just a day or so after. If we don’t hear anything at the event, then you can bet on official details being released soon after.


Accomplishment System (50% Likely)

A Career Design Document for Project Cars previously revealed that the Wii U may feature some form of Accomplishments system similar to that of Sony and Microsoft’s Trophies and Achievements system. If this is indeed true, this press event will be the time to show it off. If it’s not here then assume the Wii U won’t have it.


Shocking New Announcements (80% Likely)

Okay so we’ve covered the future and mystery titles from CAPCOM and Retro Studios, but in general what are the odds of seeing a surprise new announcement? Rumours have surfaced that Bioshock Infinite is coming to Wii U, Borderlands 2, you name it. What about Nintendo themselves? Will they debut new footage of the successor to Super Mario Galaxy? Or perhaps a new Zelda?


Just imagine it now, the press conference is drawing to a close and Nintendo are winding down. But before they go, there’s just one more announcement. The lights dim and on the screen appears a trailer for Zelda or Mario. Hell I’d even take a new character announcement for the new Smash Bros. Now that would keep critics and gamers talking after the event.


Console Features Explained (100% Likely)

We know the new controller features touch screen, now has proper analogues, the console is decent enough to power the same games the Xbox and PS3 have, it does your laundry… okay maybe that last one isn’t true. However there are a few more pieces of the puzzle missing. NFC has barely been mentioned so far and with games like Skylanders Giants on the horizon, you’d think it likely more will be explained at the event. Maybe we’ll see some info on the spec of the console? Maybe there’s one or two features yet to be announced. Whatever the case, Nintendo are of course going to talk about the features of the console; albeit it mostly stuff we already know but whether that will also include new stuff, is still unknown.


Graphs & Charts (100% Likely)

It just wouldn’t be Nintendo press event without a number of graphs and charts showing off sales and projections. Expect to see these.


New Eternal Darkness/ Wave Race Announced (1% Likely)

Okay this is a long shot, but with plenty of trademarks being renewed lately, perhaps we might see a new entry in either of the series. If not then maybe a downloadable version of the Gamecube titles on the eShop? We can only hope.

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