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Home News What Happened To The Kid Icarus AR Cards?

What Happened To The Kid Icarus AR Cards?

Published on July 2, 2012 by

Where are your damn cards Pit?

Collecting Kid Icarus Uprising AR cards is no easy feat. With the only means of actually adding more cards to your collection being via spending lots of money on eBay or trading in your gathered stars on Nintendo’s Club, you’d have been forgiven for simply giving up and moving on. Then Nintendo announced the unexpected. Kid Icarus AR cards would be sold in retailers across Europe very soon. This announcement was back in April and we’ve still yet to see any signs that the cards are coming. Where the hell have they gone?

Well I managed to contact the company behind the distribution of the new cards, Panini and ask them just exactly what was going on. I quickly got a response and it seems they are as clueless as we are. Here’s the full e-mail:


Hello Ryan

Thank you for your email. We will indeed be releasing a Kid Icarus collection soon but I’m afraid I don’t have the exact date of release yet. I would advise you to keep an eye on our website – www.panini.co.uk – where it will be announced as soon as it is available. Once released you will be able to find it in WHSmith, Martin’s McColl’s, most super markets and the independent retailers that usually stock our products. I’m sorry I can’t be of more help but I hope you will enjoy the collection once it’s out.

Kind Regards


So the good news is they’re still on their way. The bad news is we still don’t know when other than a very vague “soon”. Keep checking the site in the meantime for updates and hopefully we’ll see the booster packs appearing across the country sooner rather than later.

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  1. Slink

    It’s funny how the cards were released in shops like a week after this post was made. :P

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