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Home News Ubisoft Release Commented Co-Op Video For Far Cry 3

Ubisoft Release Commented Co-Op Video For Far Cry 3

Published on August 1, 2012 by

Tisha, Mikhail, Callum and Leonard


Ubisoft have today revealed new information as well as commentated footage of the co-op mode featured in upcoming shooter Far Cry 3. Focusing on the playable demo actually shown off at E3, the video demonstrates the different team based elements featured in the game.

The mission featured in the video includes a section where a player is required to repair a train’s engine in order to move it along the track and clear a path all whilst his team mates cover him from shooting enemies. The next area adds a spice of competition to the mix seeing all four players picking off enemies with sniper rifles from atop a cliff. Most points wins most experience. The final section has the team carrying heavy boxes of explosives to a bridge in order to destroy it. As you can imagine carrying large boxes of dynamite leaves you fairly exposed so you’ll need to stick close to your pals in order to survive.


Ubisoft also revealed the story behind the co-op:

When a twisted ship captain sells his black market cruise liner and everyone on it to a warlord named Hoyt, only four crewmembers have the courage to fight back. They band together to fight off the pirates and recover the safe that holds the ship’s profits and the crew’s earnings.

But the captain has different plans in mind. He escapes, taking the money from the safe with him, and takes refuge on Hoyt’s island.

Now, the four survivors must claw their way through the jungle to reclaim what they have lost and exact revenge against the man who wronged them.


The four survivors in question are Glasgow resident Callum, ex-crooked cop Leonard, ex-gang leader Mikhail and Tiska – a born leader who was discharged from the army due to her aggressive and focused personality.

Far Cry 3 is out for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC on November 30th.


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