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Home News Spector Had Story Planned For Four Epic Mickey Titles

Spector Had Story Planned For Four Epic Mickey Titles

Published on May 24, 2012 by

Epic Mickey was a fun if flawed platforming adventure released back in 2010 that overflowed with Disney fanfare and being the proper Disney geek I am, found myself to really enjoy it. With Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two set for a release later this year Warren Spector, the franchise’s creative director talked about the Epic Mickey series and what the legendary game designer originally had planned.

Spector revealed in a recent interview, “before the first Epic Mickey I actually had a four-game storyline arc, and I had at least three games worth of the ‘game innovation’ to introduce.” He went on to explain how songs and co-op (both features implemented in the sequel) was something he wanted to include before work had even begun.

A shot from the upcoming sequel

Critics may have been divided on the original title with scores ranging from as high as 90% to as low as 60 but that hasn’t impacted Spector or his team as he finished by saying, “And here’s the part that I suspect a lot of journalists and reviewers aren’t going to like hearing, but we’ve got more fan mail about this game than probably everything that I’ve ever worked on in 29 years combined. And that fan mail is completely different from anything I’ve had before.” Seems there’s a lot of love for the little mouse.

Who knows, if the sequel should sell as well as the original, maybe we’ll see Spector’s ideas come to fruition in the future. Disney practically green-lit a sequel based on pre-order numbers before the original title even release so maybe the same could hold true here too. Would you like to see and Epic Mickey 3 or maybe even 4?

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