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Home News Plenty Of GAME Rumours, But What’s True?

Plenty Of GAME Rumours, But What’s True?

Published on February 1, 2012 by

It’s no secret that retailer GAME are not in the best position financially and with even more rumours flying around lately things are looking even worse. Or are they?

Do you still shop at GAME or Gamestation?

Suggestions that the retailer will not be able to release this weeks biggest games have been confirmed as untrue.

Rumours that staff wages have not been paid are also untrue.

The non-appearance of Resident Evil: Revelations last week being down to credit was again not true and this was instead the fault of “website errors”.

The above three rumours are just a handful of the ones appearing online right now. Worries began to circulate when gamers thought that GAME would not be selling copies of SoulCalibur V, Metal Gear Solid HD Collection or Final Fantasy XIII 2 (three big launches) this Friday due to its credit insurance. Today though the company confirmed they would be. Customers have now even begun to mention that Mass Effect 3 pre-orders are being turned away on the site.

GAME is facing great obstacles with its credit insurance and their financial landscape has changed significantly since the beginning of the year. The company is now having to work individually with publishers to find answers to the financing problems. It is also currently engaged in talks regarding future releases.

It is possible that future releases may not be sold in GAME stores due to a lack of credit insurance for publishers since many are likely unwilling to take the risk with it’s titles. This could spell disaster for the company. However GAME reassure their customers that future releases and the Vita console will not be affected.

Only time will tell and should things end up going even worse for the retailer where would this leave the industry in the future?

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