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New Tekken 3DS On The Way?

Published on May 23, 2012 by

Seems NAMCO BANDAI have been going Tekken crazy as of late with Prime Edition hitting 3DS last February, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 given a release for later in September, another movie in the works and of course the publishers attempt at a Tekken/Street Fighter crossover still to come. There couldn’t possibly be any more Tekken? Well if the publisher’s latest release schedule is anything to go by, it seems there might just be.

A section from the latest release schedule

Looking at the list we can see titles we already knew about such as Tekken Tag Tournament 2 indicated for a release in September and Tekken X Street Fighter. The Wii U version is even listed with a working title of just “Tekken”.

However the one mention that caught our eye was the “Tekken N3DS” listing. Now I’m no genius but I think its safe to assume that this is short for Nintendo 3DS. Surprising especially considering Prime Edition has not long been released. Given a release of TBA there’s not really much to be said about this mystery inclusion. What is it? When will it be released?

What has got us a little excited is the possibility of a simultaneous release of this and the Wii U version, perhaps even offering interaction between the two. Why not? After all, we know a Wii U edition of the series is on the way, and if it is a launch title, offering the chance to connect to the 3DS version as well will likely grab the attention of those interested in the new console as well as fighting fans too. Of course this is just wishful thinking on our part, but imagine the features that could be included. Character transfers, Wii U to 3DS online battles etc… It is definitely something to think about, and with E3 just around the corner I’m sure Nintendo and NAMCO will have more for us then.

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  1. Thomas Dar

    Good find Ryan, I would be up for another 3DS entry. Finally managed to get a copy of 3D Prime, in an HMV. Quite like it, it feels a little bit improved over T6 to me.

    TTT2 for consoles is a special one because there will be over 50 characters, which is probably going to be the complete roster from the entire series history. So far 48 are confirmed (44 from the arcade version, and 4 from free DLC pack 1).

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