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Home News New Super Mario Bros U To Be Better Than New Super Mario Bros 2

New Super Mario Bros U To Be Better Than New Super Mario Bros 2

Published on July 30, 2012 by

By far my favourite looking stage so far

New Super Mario Bros 2 will be released later next month for Nintendo 3DS with it’s new focus on coin collecting and speed runs. You may also be aware that the Wii U will get it’s own Mario game at launch titled New Super Mario Bros U. While the 3DS version is/was being developed by a younger team, the Wii U version will see series veterans working on the game. Reviews have started coming in for the 3DS title (with ours coming later this week) and so far they’re looking very good. Will the Wii U development team be able to step it up?

Speaking to Nintendo President Satoru Iwata in the latest “Iwata Asks”, New Super Mario Bros producer Takashi Tezuka talked about all the hard work that has gone into New Super Mario Bros 2 on the 3DS stating it will “raise the bar” in terms of gameplay and features. As for the Wii U version, he intends to make the sequel “even better”, as Tezuka puts it. He closed the discussion by simply saying “Just leave it to me.”

After getting some hands-on time with New Super Mario Bros U at E3 last month, I felt a strange mix of disappointment and excitement. The same Mario gameplay we’ve all come to love is still there and some of the featured worlds look fresh and fantastic (including the awesome looking Yoshi’s Island influenced stage). However the implmentation and experience with the Wii U pad felt a lot shallower compared to the likes of something like the excellent Rayman Legends.

With the console’s release fast approaching we’ll soon see if Tezuka will live up to his word.


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  1. MartinB105

    Why does this series STILL have lives? Even if you lose them all, you select “Continue” and then just keep playing from where you left off.

    Rayman Origins did the right thing by ridding them from the genre.

    Yes, I get it that not having lives would mean losing the iconic green mushrooms and would make coin collecting more pointless than it already is, but it still bothers me that Nintendo don’t bother to move with the times and implement some meaningful mechanics instead of repeating relics from the past that have no place in today’s games.

    It won’t stop me buying the game, assuming I buy the Wii-U, which I’m not so sure about at the moment given how the Wii turned out.

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