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Home News Is Street Fighter X Tekken DLC On Disc?

Is Street Fighter X Tekken DLC On Disc?

Published on March 5, 2012 by

It’s hardly a secret that in the past, games publisher CAPCOM have seen negative feedback from gamers worldwide, no thanks to their constant stream of highly priced DLC and quick releases of extra editions on existing titles. Now it seems the company may have been caught out again.

Seems a YouTube user called SoulReaper managed to hack his way into an early copy of the game only to discover that the twelve exclusive fighters found in the Vita version (then later to be sold as DLC on the home consoles at a later date) are already on the disc. This has lead many to believe the content will be sold and an unlock key given to access these characters. Videos of the fighters and their intros, as well as additional costumes had all been posted on YouTube, but they’ve been hastily taken down since.

'I will not pay for this CAPCOM!'

Videos of Elena, Guy, Cody, Bryan Fury, Lei Wulong, Ailsa Bosconovitch,┬áBlanka, Dudley, Sakura, Lars Alexandersson, Christie Monteiro and Jack have all made their way online at some point. Also found were videos showing off CAPCOM and NAMCO mascots Mega Man and Pac-Man meaning they’re likely to be planned as DLC too.

Whether these fighters found on the disc are finished or whether they were a work in progress is yet to be seen, but if this is in fact true, then it’ll likely not sit well with gamers who believe they shouldn’t have to pay extra for content already in the game.

Street Fighter X Tekken is due to hit shelves this Friday with NAMCO having their go with both franchises in the future.

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