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Home News Fire Emblem Awakening Receives Elincia DLC Next Week In Japan

Fire Emblem Awakening Receives Elincia DLC Next Week In Japan

Published on May 2, 2012 by

Fire Emblem Awakening has been receiving plenty of downloadable content on the 3DS since its launch. Extras that include new maps, episodes, and characters from previous games both paid and offered for free. Next week it seems there’s more to come for Japan, this time featuring Elincia from Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn and Fire Emblem Path of Radiance as a cameo. The new DLC will be available to download on May 10th, priced at ¥350.

Who will appear next as DLC?

In its first week in Japan Awakening managed to shift and impressive 245,402 copies. In terms of a European launch, two Nintendo Directs ago, the game was featured sporting a vague “2012″ release date. While we don’t know much more than that, its pleasing to know Nintendo are going to release it overseas. Hopefully we’ll get the DLC as well.

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  1. Christoffer Treyz

    i will not buy one single dlc for the 3ds. why? because i played the ps3 this generation and i bought a LOT of DLC due to trophy-reasons. but if i take a few steps back and watch the bigger picture i must admit i would not have bought at least ONE dlc for the ps3 because they are almost everytime superfluous, they add nothing to the main game except artificially lengthening the gameplay which becomes oftentimes pretty repetitive by adding uninspired dlc content.

    so my guess for dlc on nintendo consoles is: they will be doomed. it will not take long for the third party developpers to withdraw their contribution to the 3ds eshop because the generated money will be laughable in comparison to sony’s and microsoft’s efforts on the market.

    so i am not quite sure if nintendo is just delusional about wanting to recapture the core-gamer-market or if they are secretly developping a kind of achievementsystem for their consoles. my take is you just cannot ignore current market-standards. whether you like trophies or not – they are here and they are going to stay. the motivation via trophies to buy dlc should not be under-estimated. but i guess nintendo has yet again to learn it the hard way what usually logic and common sense are plain and clearly suggesting.

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