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Home News FIFA 13 To Register Swear Words With Kinect

FIFA 13 To Register Swear Words With Kinect

Published on July 23, 2012 by

The referee’s a ******!

Rather than focusing on the motion aspect of the Kinect, it seems EA Sports have instead opted to utilize the device’s microphone allowing players to issue commands “on the fly” with their voices – calling substitutions, shouting tactical changes and more. This is indeed an interesting feature to have in a football game, but what’s more interesting, is the game’s ability to register swear words.

FIFA 13′s executive producer David Rutter revealed just how far the swearing will go and you’ll certainly be surprised. According to him it goes as high as the c-bomb which let’s be honest is probably the worst you can get when it comes to cursing. How ill this work in the game? Calling the referee all the names under the sun may not get you booked, but will definitely result in his attitude toward you being more strict. Understandable.

While football and swear go hand in hand, it’s still surprising to see a video game allow you to use such aggressive words. Will this affect it’s age rating? We’ll have to wait and see.

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