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FanCensus Top 10 Games of 2012 (Dan’s List)

Ah, its that time of year again. Christmas is just around the corner and the new year is slowly approaching us and since there are no more major releases coming out this year its the perfect time to reflect on the games that 2012 gave us. Due to insufficient time and funds I have been unable to play a lot of the critically acclaimed titles this year like Far Cry 3, Fez and Journey, so unfortunately I’ve been unable to add these games to my list. However of the games of 2012 I have played the following ten have been my favourite. Enjoy!


10. Sleeping Dogs

The annual summer drought can often be a sad and depressing affair, but thankfully Sleeping Dogs officially marked an end to it, delivering an impressive new title that I found myself enjoying a lot. On the surface it seems like the usual sandbox GTA clone (and in a lot of ways it is) however the gameplay did a great job focusing less on realism and more on just having fun.  Everything from the combat to the driving is incredibly enjoyable and the characters really push the story in a great way. Here’s hoping for a sequel.


9. Tokyo Jungle

A late entry on my list having only picked it up in the PSN store Christmas Sale, but Tokyo Jungle is a game I felt had to be included. The game may not be graphically amazing, but what it lacks in visuals it more than makes up for in style, substance and downright weirdness. The game is all about being an animal and having to hunt, kill, find a mate and do whatever it takes to survive. Oh, and maybe wear a funny hat or school girl’s uniform if needed too. It’s a fun and silly game, but it’s also very addictive as well and very easy to sink a lot of hours into it without even knowing you have.


8. Assassin’s Creed 3

This title almost didn’t even make my list. In fact, the first quarter of the game is so slow that I almost gave up on it. However thankfully I wasn’t so hasty, as when the game finally did pick up the pace it really shined. The new assassin ‘Connor’ is a great protagonist and his story is told so well that you really do care for the character a lot.  The missions are quite varied and the free-running gameplay style of scaling buildings and running through forests across tree branches is an incredibly enjoyable experience.


7. Uncharted Golden Abyss

The Vita had a pretty good selection of launch titles, but one that stands out the most is Uncharted Golden Abyss. It’s the first Vita game that I owned and initial impressions left my jaw dropped as I couldn’t believe I was playing an Uncharted game on a handheld console. The touchscreen controls can seem a bit forced, but the platforming and shooting segments are all really good fun and works really well on the handheld.  It may be lacking the huge big budget blockbuster style of the Playstation 3 Uncharted titles, but as well-made third person action adventure games go, Uncharted Golden Abyss can stand proudly among them.



6. Dishonored

Another great new IP to be released this year is the amazing Dishonored. I’ll admit that I really am a sucker for first person games like Mirror’s Edge and Portal 2 that aren’t all about going around shooting everyone in sight. Okay, technically in Dishonored you can go around shooting the place down but the beauty of the game is that you get an incredible amount of choice you’re given from meaning I could shoot everyone or find alternate more peaceful ways to achieve my goals.


5. Gravity Rush

Gravity Rush is another title that every Vita owner needs to have.  The game’s art style is beautiful, the female protagonist is funny and charming and the gravity defying gameplay physics are really enjoyable. The game isn’t perfect, but its small flaws are easy to overlook once you’ve fallen in love with the game’s universe and it’s host of many kooky characters. If you have a Playstation Vita and don’t have this game, then SHAME ON YOU!


4. LittleBigPlanet Vita

Trying to create console-like games on a handheld can often bring dodgy results (*cough* Black Ops 2: Declassified *cough*), but LittleBigPlanet Vita does it perfectly. While some Vita games feel like poor ports of the console counterparts, LittleBigPlanet translates perfectly and actually turns out being the best LittleBigPlanet game to date. The level designs are great, the touchscreen features feel natural and not forced and there’s plenty of user created content available. It even looks better than that of the PS3 LittleBigPlanet games which is quite an achievement. Throw in a charming style and fun gameplay and you have all the ingredients for a must have game for Playstation Vita.


3. Trials Evolution

My Xbox 360 had been gathering quite a bit of dust for a while until this beauty of a game came along. The word ‘addictive’ doesn’t even come close to describing this monster of a game, with its simple but deep bike mechanics and endless amount of user created content available. It’s one of those exepriences which is easy to pick up, but really hard to master and with the amount of content available for the price tag it makes this Xbox Marketplace title a bargain.


2. Ratchet Clank HD Collection

Okay I’ll admit, this entry in my top games of 2012 is a little bit of a cheat considering the collection consists of games released 10 years, but being such a big Ratchet and Clank fan I just couldn’t exclude it from this list. I loved the original games on the PS2 so much, that playing them again with a HD upgrade and Trophy support was such a great mixture of pure enjoyment and nostalgia that left me wanting more.


1. Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale

Ever since this game was announced it was easily my most anticipated game of the year, which is strange considering the fact I don’t even really like fighting games. I’ve been a Playstation gamer since the original Playstation, and having a bunch of characters from Playstation’s history in one game kicking the hell out of each other is nothing short or awesome. I’ve enjoyed playing the campaign by myself, but it wasn’t until I sat down with my friends and family and played the game together that Playstation All Stars really started to shine. The fun of unleashing a lethal Level-3 Super attack and annihilating everyone is very, VERY satisfying indeed.

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