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Home News Diddy Kong Racing Sequel Coming To Wii U?

Diddy Kong Racing Sequel Coming To Wii U?

Published on January 2, 2013 by

A Diddy Kong Racing sequel is coming to Wii U later this year according to rumours circulating the internet. While I’m not one to usually get caught up in the rumour mill, Diddy Kong Racing holds a special place in my heart on the Nintendo 64, so any signs or hints of a potential sequel has me more excited than you can imagine.

Supposedly in development at Monster Games (the developer behind the Excite series on the Wii and Pilotwings Resort on 3DS), the game will feature an adventure mode, Miiverse implementation and online multiplayer. Monster Games’ last game, Pilotwings Resort saw a release back in 2011, so it’s not totally out of the question that they may be working on a Diddy Kong title. After all they have experience with the racing genre.

This story cropped up back in September on GameFaqs and has arisen once more so maybe, just maybe we may be seeing Diddy make a long awaited return to the kart, plane and hovercraft. What do you think?

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