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TitlePublisherDeveloperReview ScoreFormatsLinks
Assassin’s Creed III: LiberationUbisoftUbisoft7.0VitaRead Review
Assassin’s Creed IIIUbisoftUbisoft8.5PS3, PC, Wii U, Xbox 360Read Review
A Story About My Uncle--7.0PCRead Review
Batman: Arkham CityWarner Bros. InteractiveRocksteady Studios9.5PC, PS3, Xbox 360Read Review
Beat The Beat: Rhythm ParadiseNintendoNintendo8.5WiiRead Review
Boom StreetNintendoSquare Enix6.5WiiRead Review
Family Guy: Back to the MultiverseActivisionHeavy Iron4.5Xbox 360, PS3Read Review
CatherineDeep SilverAtlus8.0Xbox 360, PS3Read Review
Counter-Strike Global OffensiveValveValve7.0PC, XBLA, PSNRead Review
Dance CentralMTV GamesHarmonix8.0Xbox 360Read Review
DeadlightMicrosoft StudiosTequila Works7.5XBLARead Review
Death RallyRemedy EntertainmentRemedy Entertainment6.5PCRead Review
Diabolical PitchMicrosoft StudiosGrasshopper Manufacture7.0XBLARead Review
DiRT ShowdownCodemastersCodemasters7.5PC, Xbox 360, PS3Read Review
DishonoredBethesdaArkane Studios8.5PC, Xbox 360, PS3Read Review
Disney Pixar’s BraveDisney Interactive StudiosBehaviour Interactive6.5PC, Xbox 360, PS3, WiiRead Review
Dust: An Elysian TailMicrosoft StudiosHumble Hearts9.0XBLARead Review
F.E.A.R. 3Warner Bros. InteractiveDay 1 Studios7.5Xbox 360, PS3, PCRead Review
Freakyforms DeluxeNintendoAsobism Co6.03DSRead Review
FTL: Faster Than Light--8.5PCRead Review
HybridMicrosoft Studios5th Cell7.0XBLARead Review
InversionNamco BandaiSaber Interactive5.5PC, Xbox 360, PS3Read Review
Jet Set Radio HDSEGASEGA6.5XBLA, PSN, PCRead Review
Kid Icarus UprisingNintendoProject Sora9.03DSRead Review
Kingdom Hearts 3DNintendoSquare Enix8.03DSRead Review
Kirby's Epic YarnNintendoGood Feel8.5WiiRead Review
Learn With Pokemon Typing AdventureNintendoNintendo8.0DSRead Review
LEGO Batman 2: DC Super HeroesWarner Bros. InteractiveTraveller's Tales7.0Wii, PS3, Xbox 360Read Review
LimboPlayDeadPlayDead9.5XBL, PSN, PCRead Review
LittleBigPlanet VitaSonyDouble Eleven9.0VitaRead Review
Lollipop ChainsawWarner Bros. InteractiveGrasshopper Manufacture7.0Xbox 360, PS3Read Review
London 2012: The Official Video GameSEGASEGA7.0Xbox 360, PS3Read Review
Mario Party 8NintendoHudson Soft5.0WiiRead Review
Mario Party 9NintendoNd Cube8.0WiiRead Review
Mario Sports MixNintendoSquare Enix7.0WiiRead Review
Mario Tennis OpenNintendoCamelot7.03DSRead Review
Mark Of The NinjaMicrosoft StudiosKlei Entertainment7.0XBLARead Review
Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm GenerationsNamco Bandai GamesCyberConnect27.0Xbox 360, PS3Read Review
NBA Jam: On Fire EditionEAEA9.0PSN, XBLARead Review
New Art AcademyNintendoHeadstrong Games8.03DSRead Review
New Super Mario Bros 2NintendoNintendo8.03DSRead Review
Ninja Gaiden Sigma PlusTecmo KoeiTeam Ninja7.0VitaRead Review
Pokedex Pro 3DNintendoCreatures Inc.6.5eShopRead Review
Pokemon Dream RadarNintendoCreatures Inc.7.0eShopRead Review
Project Zero 2: Wii EditionNintendoTecmo Koei8.5WiiRead Review
PullbloxNintendoIntelligent Systems9.0eShopRead Review
Quantum ConundrumSquare EnixAirtight Games8.0PSN, XBLA, PCRead Review
Ratchet and Clank HD TrilogySonyInsomniac Games8.5PlayStation 3Read Review
Resident Evil 6CapcomCapcom5.0Xbox 360, PS3, PCRead Review
Resident Evil RevelationsCapcomCapcom9.03DSRead Review
Ridge Racer UnboundedNamco BandaiBugBear8.0Xbox 360, PS3, PCRead Review
Rock Band 3MTV GamesHarmonix9.5Wii, PS3, Xbox 360Read Review
Rock Band BlitzHarmonixHarmonix8.0XBLA, PSNRead Review
SkullgirlsAutumn GamesReverge Labs8.0XBLA, PSNRead Review
Skylanders: Spyro's AdventureActivisonToys For Bob7.5Xbox 360, PS3, PC, WiiRead Review
Skylanders GiantsActivisionToys For Bob7.5Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, Wii URead Review
Sleeping DogsSquare EnixUnited Front Games8.5PS3, Xbox 360, PCRead Review
Sonic Adventure 2SEGASonic Team6.5XBLA, PC, PSNRead Review
Sonic GenerationsSEGASonic Team8.5Xbox 360, PS3, PC, 3DSRead Review
SSXEA SportsEA Canada8.0PS3, Xbox 360Read Review
Starfox 64 3DSNintendoQ-Games7.53DSRead Review
Super Mario 3D LandNintendoNintendo9.03DSRead Review
Super Mario Galaxy 2NintendoNintendo10WiiRead Review
SyndicateEAStarbreeze Studios7.5Xbox 360, PS3, PCRead Review
Tekken 3D Prime EditionNamco Bandai GamesNamco Bandai Games6.53DSRead Review
Tekken Tag Tournament 2Namco BandaiNamco Bandai Games8.0PS3, Xbox 360Read Review
Theatrhythm Final FantasySquare EnixSquare Enix8.53DSRead Review
The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings (Enhanced Edition)Namco Bandai GamesCD Projekt RED8.0Xbox 360Read Review
Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HDActivisionRobomodo Games7.5XBLA, PSNRead Review
Transformers: Fall of CybertronActitivisionHigh Moon Studios8.0PC, PS3, Xbox 360Read Review
Wii PlayNintendoNintendo4.0WiiRead Review
Worms CollectionMastertronicTeam 177.0Xbox 360, PS3Read Review
Worms RevolutionTeam 17Team 178.0XBLA, PC, PSNRead Review
WreckateerMicrosoft StudiosIron Galaxy Studios6.5XBLARead Review
Wrecked Revenge Revisited505 GamesSupersonic Software6.5XBLA, PSNRead Review
WWE 13THQYukes7.5Xbox 360, PS3, WiiRead Review
Zuma's RevengePopCap GamesPopCap Games7.5XBLA, PCRead Review
Epic Mickey 2: The Power Of TwoDisney InteractiveJunction Point7.0Wii, PC, PS3, Xbox 360, Wii URead Review
Paper Mario Sticker StarNintendoIntelligent Systems7.53DSRead Review
ZombiUUbisoftUbisoft7.5Wii URead Review
Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s EdgeNintendoTeam Ninja7.0Wii URead Review

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